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Applications for CACTES Association's Senior Executive and Junior Executive Hiring are now open!

Senior Executives


  • Manage our Google Adwords account and analyze marketing trends
  • Help with social media management (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn)
  • Design marketing material for promotional and fundraising purposes
    • Familiarity with Adobe products/graphic designing preferred


  • Website
    • Experience with HTML, CSS, and Javascript preferred.
    • Experience with web application frameworks recommended.
  • Work on different side projects such as programming games, applications and bots
    • Familiarity with Python, Java or C preferred

Public Relations / Representatives

  • Research and apply for eligible grants and awards on behalf of the organization.
  • Assist District Directors with grant and/or fund applications for events if needed.
  • Attend networking events such as non-profit fairs, conferences and participate/booth on behalf of the organization.
  • Reach out to media outlets. (newspapers, TV, etc)

Junior Executives

District Director

  • Note: this role requires a lot of attention to detail and organization
  • Note: this role will also be taking care of the finances of the district
  • Arrange and create agendas for online and in-person district meetings.
  • Lead district coordinators in planning and implementing district events.
  • Delegate responsibilities to district coordinators.
  • Reports district activities to CACTES Board.
  • Budgets expenses for all events and manages group's fundraising goal
  • Creates budget reports for event proposals and calculates margins
  • Keeps track of district reimbursement
  • General accounting knowledge preferred but not required
  • Candidates should enjoy working with numbers

Possible roles:


  • Creates content for social media and heads group's social media efforts.
  • Manages marketing strategies for upcoming events and programs.
  • Works with Director of Creative Design to make graphics/promotional material.
  • Takes photos/vides and sends applicable documents to the Publications and IT Committe in a timely manner.
  • Candidates should enjoy writing and being creative.
  • Bonus if candidates have access to a professional camera. (eg. DSLR)

Creative Design

  • Works with the Director of Marketing to create graphics/posters/promotional material.
  • Experience using Photoshop or other design software.
  • Assist Director of Marketing with advertising upcoming events.
  • Takes meeting minutes and helps the District Director to keep track of district's files.

External Resources

  • Writes and prepares sponsorship letters/packages (including contracts)
  • Contacts venues and signs contracts with venue representatives.
    • Can share this responsibility with the District Director for bigger events
  • Obtains insurance (if required).
  • Looks for grants when needed.
  • Keeps track of volunteers/volunteer hours/CAS hours and report to the Director of Human Resources.

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